Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I can, I can, I can Break my Writer's Block!

Peppersass - The Original Little Engine that Could climb Mt. Washington in New Hampshire

I have writer's block. Or maybe I am just crippled with fear. Fear that nobody will read what I write, or that my ideas aren't good enough. Or that once I start writing, I will run out of ideas to write about, so I don't start. I have a growing list of topics that I am planning to blog about or would have liked to blog about, but the current event has already passed.

I finished collecting all of the data for my dissertation last month and all that stands between me and my PhD is writing and a LOT of it! Instead of being thrilled that I am so close to achieving the ultimate accomplishment after 30 years of education, I am terrified and doing everything under the sun except writing.

How am I going to break this writer's block? Well I've been thinking myself silly! And doing everything but writing myself silly! I can't possibly watch any more Gray's Anatomy or The West Wing! Maybe I should watch some more Emergency? I can always garner some ideas from such an excellent show, right?!

As I just advised one of my former EMT students, I need to just begin writing, it doesn't matter if my words make sense, or are in complete sentences, or are even spelled correctly. I just need to start free-form writing. Data-dumping as my father used to call it when I was a toddler and I was so excited to tell him about my entire day when he returned home from work.

Ah, I feel much better now, I just wrote the previous four paragraphs in less than 10 minutes. Spent barely any time editing. And I have broken my writer's block. I can write, I can write, I can write! Just like The Little Engine that Could!


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